Problem by writing new personality

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Problem by writing new personality

Postby Light-Tech » 06 Mar 2022, 09:55

Hello friends!

I am Building a new personality for a new fixture. It looks like the Portman P1, with 7 sections and 28 channels

Channel 1: dimmer halogen lamp section 1
Channel 2: dimmer halogen lamp section 2
Channel 3: dimmer halogen lamp section 3
Channel 4: dimmer halogen lamp section 4
Channel 5: dimmer halogen lamp section 5
Channel 6: dimmer halogen lamp section 6
Channel 7: dimmer halogen lamp section 7
Channel 8 - 10: RGB section 1
Channel 11 - 13: RGB section 2
Etc etc.

The building does go well, nut 1 have 2 problems with the shape generator:
1: dimming halogen lamp only works in channel 1 (section 1)
2: color chases, like rainbow random only works with section 2 till 7, section 1 does not working

I hope anyone can tell me what I do wrong.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Problem by writing new personality

Postby niclights » 06 Mar 2022, 13:36

I'm not too sure how you have managed to get it so that colour chases work on everything except the first section (I assume you mean shapes here rather than chases) but the way to do this is to use cells.

Create one mode that has just a dimmer (as channel 1). Create a second one that has red, green, blue (as channels 1, 2 and 3 respectively). Optionally I would recommend adding a virtual dimmer to the RGB mode by including a dimmer with no resolution/channel offset and set the red, green and blue controls in the mode to be virtually controlled by the dimmer.

Then create the actual mode by adding 7x cells using the dimmer mode as a cell followed by 7x cells using the RGB mode as a cell. You may find it helpful to split into two modes - ie. one mode that is only 7x cells using the dimmer mode as a cell and another that is only 7x cells using the RGB mode as a cell. Note it is important there are master controls linked to the controls in the cells. By default Personality Builder will create and link these for you automatically when you add the cells.
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Re: Problem by writing new personality

Postby icke_siegen » 07 Mar 2022, 14:17

Apart from Nic's - as usual - brilliant explanation: a similar fixture may already exist:

Code: Select all

Manufacturer: AVTechsmart
File: AVTechsmart_RETROB700RGB.d4
Mode: 28 DMX
Atlabase/Capture: ready

fixture.png (84.38 KiB) Viewed 448 times

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