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Led Par 64 Personality Problem

Posted: 09 Feb 2019, 21:07
by bjkered
Being Struggling building a personality for an LED Par 64 Type Unit. Don’t use the Personality builder that often, but have successfully done a few Moving Heads in the past. Ran the unit with individual channels as per the Chinese manual and found one error, where Channel 9 and 10 are swaped from the Manual (Photo attached of the manual) all other functions operate correctly on the light, after 9 and 10 reversed. Initial Personality I built using the pre-defined attributes didn’t work so I built a personality using simple DMX and all was OK. Started to refine the Personality and have now got two problems that I am struggling to complete.

Problem 1. The Speed wheel (GREEN on the Picture) DOES show the terms of “No Action” and “Slow to Fast” correctly on the Titan mobile software, BUT you cannot carry on increasing the strobe speed it just sits at one Speed when it switches in.

Problem 2. Trying to get the Wheel for the CONTROL function to show the function and display its operation. (attached screenshot of the “control” channel personality marked in RED but when this loaded to a Titan mobile, the “Control” wheel just seems to keep showing the “RAW DMX number”. The wheel is operating correctly but wanted it to show the different functions as per the attributes so you don’t have to remember the raw dmx. and its function.

Any hints to the above would be appreciated.

Re: Led Par 64 Personality Problem

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 10:10
by niclights
The relevant bit here is 'Display Type' and the associated 'Range Start' and 'Range End' in 'Wheel Display Properties'. If 'Display Type' is set to 'Text Only' it will ignore the range and be a fixed value using the mid-point of the DMX Start and End values as the DMX value. For all the other display types it will be variable and use the range start and end. So for example the first function in a control attribute would usually be 'Safe' set to 'Text Only'. Regardless of what the charts say I usually set these specifically to a DMX start and end of zero to ensure DMX is at zero just in case. For a variable value you might have 'Strobe %' set to 'Percent 1dp' range start 0, range end 100 which will give a variable range on the wheels of 0.0 - 100.0%. Note that it's usually easier to see and set these values in the 'DMX Values' tab.

Re: Led Par 64 Personality Problem

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 13:18
by bjkered
Thanks Really Clear explanation will get to work on it tonight and let you know Thanks again

Just Changed it to Percentage and all is OK and working and understand.

Just Palette for colours left