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Tweaking a profile to match

Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 17:12
by byulighting
So I am trying to see if I can fix this myself without having to send in a request to Avolites, maybe save them some time. I have a few VL1100 AS fixtures that I am trying to get to run. The Avolites Personality Library only has the VL1100 TS personality but according to the Varilite website the dmx mapping is the same for both. The fixtures run on the TS personality except that the fly wheels don't work for some of the attributes like zoom, focus, and frost. I can edit those attributes by clicking and dragging their values, just not with the wheels. I can use the wheels for some attributes like pan, tilt, and color mixing though. When I go into the personality builder all the wheels are assigned to the correct place so I don't know what could be missing. Also when I select the fixture it spits out the classically ambiguous "Error in fixture personality. The Attributes will not be displayed correctly."

Any ideas? Or should I just put in a request for a new personality?

Re: Tweaking a profile to match

Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 18:16
by niclights
I have tested this but cannot find any problem. After patching a Varilite VL1100 TS in '27 DMX, Internal Dimmer' mode (external dimmer is the same except it requires the dimmer to be patched separately on top) if I select the fixture and select the 'Beam' attribute bank the 'Zoom', 'Focus' and 'Frost' controls are connected to encoder wheels A, B and C respectively and rotating the encoder adjusts the associated control level and the DMX output of the relevant channel.

I cannot think of any reason why it would be possible to adjust using the sliders in the Attribute Editor but not on the wheels as they are both derived from the same information in the personality file. If you do not see the controls on the wheels keep pressing the 'Beam' attribute bank button to cycle through the various pages until they appear. Let me know if that helps.

Regarding 'Error in fixture personality' it may be possible there is another cause but in my experience this is usually due to a wheel mapping conflict. To check this in Personality Builder select the mode you are using in the tree on the left-hand side of the window (expand the modes section to reveal if necessary), select the 'Wheel Mapping' tab at the bottom-right, then select 'Diamond 4 & Titan' at the top of the wheel assignment grid if it is not already selected and tick the 'filter by Mode:' box. There must be no attributes in magenta. Make sure you check all the pages. If there are drag and drop them into empty slots.

Regarding the model types we should probably add a personality for the 'AS' model but the only difference is the lamp source (Tungsten or Arc). Technically speaking the Arc version is internal dimmer only so the external dimmer mode is not relevant.

Re: Tweaking a profile to match

Posted: 13 Aug 2018, 19:09
by byulighting
Thanks for your help. I think I figured out what was wrong. It seems one of the color wheels was mapped incorrectly. I rearranged that and updated the personality and it fixed everything that was wrong. Not sure why it fixed my zoom and frost issues on the wheels but all appears to be working now.