Lights will not "Clear"

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Lights will not "Clear"

Postby boominbassist » 27 Jun 2018, 18:41

Hi guys,

I've been trying to find a personality file for some LED cans that work, alas, I cannot find any within the library already that will "clear." So I've tried making a personality for them, trying various suggestions and such from these forums but don't seem to be getting anywhere with them. The file works fine, and the light "locates" but it won't "clear" and the light remains on full.

Desk is a Pearl 2004
Cans are Pulse LED 56

Obviously I'm missing something...

I've tried assigning a virtual dimmer attribute to RGB, I've tried LTP and HTP in different combinations, I've tried changing the resolution of the dimmer etc etc etc. I've had it working before, I just can't remember what I did for it!

Please help!

Thank you!!
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Re: Lights will not "Clear"

Postby niclights » 27 Jun 2018, 19:17

I'm not sure exactly which fixture this is or what the DMX mapping is but, assuming it doesn't have a dimmer itself then if you set the colour mixing controls to HTP it should behave the way you want. If it does have a dimmer then only the dimmer should be set to HTP with the remaining controls as LTP. (Note that the classic software does not have virtual dimmer - this is only available in Titan)
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Re: Lights will not "Clear"

Postby Gregory » 27 Jun 2018, 22:52

Note that the classic Pearl software has a limit of 240 HTP channels so each HTP RGB fixture effectively takes the space of three fixtures.

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