Pearl Expert Pro LED Tube Personality (cannot Clear)

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Pearl Expert Pro LED Tube Personality (cannot Clear)

Postby Jhoe » 25 Jun 2018, 13:38

Hi guys

I'm trying to create a personality for my 7 channel LED tube, the problem i encounter is i cannot clear the color changing. while i'm creating the personality on my clear mapping i did not put any value on the clear area.

can anyone help me
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Re: Pearl Expert Pro LED Tube Personality (cannot Clear)

Postby niclights » 25 Jun 2018, 13:53

The clear values are a legacy function and are not currently used in Titan.

In Titan the default action for pressing clear is to deselect fixtures, clear the programmer and return any HTP (highest takes precedence) controls to the current highest level from a playback or, if there isn't one, zero.

At the moment the only control that can be HTP in Titan is the one with attribute ID 'Dimmer'. As each control in a personality must have a unique attribute ID this means only one control can be HTP.

Usually this is what you would want where the dimmer control is HTP and all other controls are LTP (latest takes precedence). If the fixture has additive colour mixing (for example an LED fixture with red, green and blue controls) and has a dimmer control then just ensure this control has the Attribute ID 'Dimmer'. If it does not have a dimmer then you can create a virtual one instead:

- Create a dimmer attribute with attribute ID 'Dimmer'
- Add this to the mode, set the resolution to 'None' and delete any value from the channel offset
- For each of the additive colour mixing controls in the mode set the 'Virtual Attribute' property to 'Dimmer'.

Alternatively you can request new personalities via the form on the website here.

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