New Fixture (Help pls)

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New Fixture (Help pls)

Postby Teaca » 11 Mar 2018, 15:00

Hello. I tried to create one fixture after video tutorial but without success. can you help me creating one fixture after this model? can not find the channels: 8,9,12 and 13 in Personality Builder program... Thank you so much!

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Re: New Fixture (Help pls)

Postby niclights » 11 Mar 2018, 15:35

If there isn't an existing template you can just use something else and change it.

I think '4 Partition' in channel offset 8 is probably just a bad translation but you could add something like 'Effect' from the attribute templates and then add four functions set to 'text only' with the appropriate DMX ranges. From the existing function templates you could probably just add four 'Open' or 'Safe' functions which will give you the text only parts and then all you have to do is rename them and enter the DMX start and end ranges (for example according to the chart the first function would be named '4 Partition' with DMX start 0 and DMX end 60). You could also rename the attribute from 'Effect' to '4 Partition' if you wish.

Similarly for channel 9 you could pick 'Effect Speed' or 'Speed' and make sure it has one function set to percentage 1dp, DMX start 0, end 255 (for factory personalities I would probably change this to be start 255, end 0 so that it matches the 'fast->slow' but this is not essential).

For channel 12 I would just use 'Reserved' with a Raw 0-255 range and for channel 13 use the same method as for channel 8.

Generally the templates are just a short-cut but you can change any of them to be anything you want. Probably the most important thing is to make sure that everything is mapped to a unique wheel slot (if anything is shown in red in the wheel mapping tab drag and drop it to an empty slot).

Surprisingly it seems there are no suitable equivalents currently in the library but if you would like one adding you can submit new personality requests via the form on the website here.

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