R20 Syntax

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R20 Syntax

Postby Alloydog452 » 18 Feb 2018, 13:48

Having made a few fixture profiles and been quite satisfied my curiosity has driven me to look inside the R20 file. It is quite amazing the power of these things. And, I want to know more so I can sort out any problems. Yep - YOU CAN download most anything but where is the fun in that.
The RANGE section is of particular interest. With a=low val, b=high val, c=DMX val we see;

16 255 "Strb %3d.%d%%"(c-a)*100/(b-a),10*((c-a)*100%(b-a))/(b-a).

A quick look shows it redistributes a, b and c into two Integers separated by a "." and a "%" sign added. Right?

My questions today is where do the a, b, and c actually come from. I'm used to seeing a variables declaration section in code.
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Re: R20 Syntax

Postby niclights » 18 Feb 2018, 14:02

Looking at your post history here and on the Blue Room it appears you are not using an Avolites console or are an Avolites customer. This forum is intended for assistance with Avolites consoles. As far as I am aware the manufacturer's of the console you are using do not have permission to use Avolites personality files or the R20 protocol. I suggest you contact your console manufacturer for further support.

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