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Vis files

Posted: 02 Jul 2010, 14:59
by iadwm
Is this the correct procedure to add Vis files to a TITAN Expert?

Use Personality Builder to create/edit the D file
Save to Avolites/Titan/Fixture Library

Then generate (via Personality Builder) the .R20 file
Save to Avolites/Personalities

Use the .R20 with VisWiz to create the Vis extension
Save .vis to Avolites/Visualiser/Extensions

I'm getting a bit confused trying to get two fixtures to appear in Vis,
I know it's because one of the files doesn't exist. Specifically Futurelight SC780 and Martin Destroyer. I guess if the .R20 is missing then the .vis is going to be as well? Unless one has accidentally been deleted....



Posted: 02 Jul 2010, 17:51
by niclights
I don't know about procedure, but the .r20 file needs to be in Avolites/Visualiser/Personalities. The other folder is for classic.

The device name (not filename) must be the same between the .r20 and .vis files and for auto-patch to work this device name must also be in the 'classic pearl reference' field within .d4 modes.

Use the online library to find out which fixtures exist for Vis.