Big show file size

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Big show file size

Postby kimwida » 23 Feb 2022, 06:33

Hi, there.

I've recorded almost every songs performed in my venue into individual cuelists for 5 years.
So my show file is pretty big almost 45mb.
Now I want to reduce the size of it and I am deleting many redundant playbacks.
But I found some weird thing.
If I delete 100 playbacks, it reduce like 100k or something but if I record new 30 playbacks it grow 200k alot.
And when I just move some playbacks, the size of show file grows too.

Recently I changed my programing style and the number of deleted playbacks is much more than new recorded ones.
But it keeps growing. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Any advice appreciated.

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