New To touring, asking for advice?

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New To touring, asking for advice?

Postby Ramfom » 13 Feb 2022, 21:01

Hi all, Just looking for some advice really.

Im pretty new to touring and avo (Usualy use chamsys in my venue), Im going on tour with a small floor package and a quartz. Just looking for advice interms of programming. Alot of the venues will have fairly different rigs so unsure the best way to go about programming the show.

Is it better to program the whole show on a cuelist and exchange fixtures at each new venue, or is it better to only program the floor package and busk the house rig or busk the entire show, and if busking the entire show have you got any tips for a good busking set up that can easily be adapted from venue to venue?

Just looking to find out what generally works best for you guys. Or if you have an even better way of doing it?

Thanks in advance

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