[Bug Report] Live edit of mode 3 cues

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[Bug Report] Live edit of mode 3 cues

Postby Quidam » 25 Jan 2020, 13:50


I reported this on the fb group with v12.0.
I haven't received an answer so I don't know if it's been logged ; sorry if it's redundant.
The bug is still here in V12.1 :

Trying to edit a live m3 pb (as in 'record merge a channel in it') yields unexpected flashes :

New Show.
-Patch BMFL Blade.
Patch 4 'House' Dimmers
-Rec 'Base' cue in Fixture mode : BMFL @full, C0 M100 Y100
-Launch base cue
-Back to Channel Mode, Rec 'Room' cue : all 4 dimmers @full
-Launch 'room' cue
-Rec (channel) 'video' cue : BMFL @50, C100 M0 Y0, mode 3, 3sec fade in and out.
-Launch 'video' cue
- ***Trying to live edit*** : Set BMFL @20, Channel Record Merge on 'Video' cue : >>> Dimmers flashes back on @full, then fade out in 3sec.

Note : Same behavior if you try to rec merge an ltp channel.

Thanks for your feedback,

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Re: [Bug Report] Live edit of mode 3 cues

Postby phb » 25 Jan 2020, 20:29

Hi Charles,

Thanks for the report, I've logged this as a bug in our system. We'll hope to be able to resovle this in a future release of Titan.


Pete Bridgman :: Avolites

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