Programming/Effects on new lamp ADJ 32 Hex panel help

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Thomas Nilsson
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Programming/Effects on new lamp ADJ 32 Hex panel help

Postby Thomas Nilsson » 20 May 2019, 10:20

I just bought a few ADJ 32 Hex panel.
I would do an effect on them but I can not find out how to do it.

I would like them in blue (the whole LED panel at 5% blue) on one fader. Thats not a big problem but next step is harder. On next fader I want random white strobe (at 100%) ADJ has 8 LED groups in every lamp. I can do a chase with segment at 100% but I want to do it in quicker way. How?
And I want fader 1 (the blue on 5%) be on and have fader 2 (white strobe) on the same time(so the lamp is blue and white strobes at the same time) and when I take down fader 2 it just blue again.

How do I do that in a quick way?

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Re: Programming/Effects on new lamp ADJ 32 Hex panel help

Postby niclights » 20 May 2019, 13:53

You could try using key frame shapes. This will rely on the group layout so you might want to adjust this first. Then [Shapes And Effects], [Key Frame Shape], [Create], <select group>, <set 100% white values>, [Add Frame], <set 5% blue values>, [Add Frame], [Finish Recording Frames]. Then in the Effect Editor window that automatically appears set the spread to a suitable value (this will depend on the number of fixtures but try 16 as an example and play around with it later), set the direction to random (represented as two crossed over lines), toggle the curve on both shapes to 'Snap', 'Run On Sub Fixtures' to 'On (Group)', select the blue frame (should be frame #2) and reduce the start time value until you get a short strobe effect. Play around with spread, speed and frame start time etc. and see if you can get the desired effect.

This has a couple of limitations. Firstly the random direction is currently only pseudo-random where it randomises the order when selected and then loops using this. You can generate a new random order by reselecting but it will loop. The second is that the background (ie. blue frame) is absolute. This will achieve your requirement but it is not currently possible to have a white key frame effect that would run over any background colour, instead you would have to program a specific key frame shape for each background colour required. In comparison random chases are truly random and, in conjunction with the cue release playback option it is possible to run over any background colour. For chases I would probably program a separate 8 step chase for each fixture where each pixel is set to white in turn, then turn cue release on, set to random and high speed. I would then fire all the chases together using a cuelist set to fire first cue/ intensity kill at zero with one cue that autoloads all of the chase playbacks. This would be time consuming to create though. Unfortunately I cannot think of any way to automate at the moment. Ideally we would use macros but the requirement to clear the programmer between each step for cue release to work properly is making this impossible at the moment as far as I can see.

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