Pixel Map Live Video Feed?

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Pixel Map Live Video Feed?

Postby wilsonaaron06 » 10 May 2019, 00:05

Hi all.

I am a Uni Student and I am hoping to get work on an upcoming lighting art festival at the end of the year, but to do so I need to submit some kind of installation/exhibit idea in order to get the go ahead. Basically, my idea is to use an Xbox Kinect sensor to track someone's movement and have the resulting image (using various software on PC to get it) eventually pixel mapped to a wall of LED parcans, creating a low resolution image of them moving in realtime. (Obviously there'd be some delay for processing which doesn't bother me etc).

So, I'm a complete noob at any aspect other than lighting programming, never used resolume or the other bits of software I will be using with the Kinect sensor, but I am willing to learn. For a recent event we had in Uni, we were loaned an AI server. Judging from what it is capable of, it seems I may need to get my hands on one. What do you guys think? Any input is helpful at this stage as I am definitely in the research phase for this now.

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