Easy way for macro lamp on/off

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Easy way for macro lamp on/off

Postby Emgoli » 13 Dec 2018, 14:16

I’m looking for convenient way to perform the fixture lamp on/off at my titan one with a touchscreen.
I’m working at a restaurant and would like to find a easy way for musicians who plays here to only press a playback to get the fixtures to light up. Is there any easy ways to achieve this?
Thanks for help!
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Re: Easy way for macro lamp on/off

Postby Gregory » 13 Dec 2018, 15:08

You could write a macro to do this. There is already a factory macro in the Show Library that will lamp on/off the currently selected fixtures which you could include in part of another macro that selects the fixtures, fires the factory macro and then clears. You can trigger macros from a cue list but if you just want an on screen button you can just record the macro directly in the Playbacks workspace window.

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