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v11.1 recovery creator

Postby kimwida » 27 Sep 2018, 03:26

First of all, thanks for this 11.1 update.
Now I can import my show file again!!!

And I have a question about this update.
In the release notes, it says that the recovery creator can make Titan to improve the performance. The recovery creator is only for real consoles, right? And how could Titan One and Simulator users have benefit from this?? Just install v11.1 and no need recovery creator??

My rig is not big but my show file has thousands of cuelists and it is about 50 MB. When I load my show, Titan Server(32bit) always take about 1.5GB memory and Titan Simulator take about 800MB. They don't look like go above 2 GB even there's enough empty memory. I wonder that I can have benefit from this update or not.
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Re: v11.1 recovery creator

Postby Simon » 27 Sep 2018, 11:21

To achieve the same benefits when running Mobile, Titan One or Simulator you will need to upgrade to windows 10 and ensure it's the 64 bit version with all of the latest updates. You can check this by right clicking the start menu and selecting 'system', then look for 'System Type'. You also need to be running on a PC with the recommended hardware specs but basically the more powerful the computer the better Titan will run.

Titan will still show up as a 32 bit application but running on this operating system provides a large benefit in memory usage and maintenance and makes performance better in large shows. If you were already running this operating system when using v11 you will already have some of these improvements but v11.1 does add further software improvements for memory usage and performance.
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