QNEX 250 Moving Head Inverted Dimmer

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QNEX 250 Moving Head Inverted Dimmer

Postby MarcusDEV » 12 Apr 2018, 13:42

I use some qnex 250 moving heads, but I have a small problem with the lights. For some strange reason, the dimmer is inverted. So when I hit the locate fixture, the dimmer is set to 100% but it does not light up. I need to turn the dimmer down to 0% to light up.
I have looked at the settings on the light, and the reverse dimmer feature is turned off.
Does anyone know anything about this and how to fix it?
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Re: QNEX 250 Moving Head Reversed Dimmer

Postby niclights » 12 Apr 2018, 14:02

As far as I can see the dimmer is currently defined normally in the personality. From your description it sounds like the fixture has an inverted dimmer by default (I would assume that the reverse dimmer option on the fixture actually sets it to what we would call normal). You could solve this by inverting the dimmer in software but if it is the default setting on the fixture then we should probably invert it in the personality file instead.

If possible could you please confirm this is the default behavior in the fixture (preferably by using a 'reset to default' or similar option in the fixture menus) and that it is not inverted in Titan (probably the easiest way to guarantee this is to start a new show)? In this case I will update the personality in the library with an inverted dimmer.

If you can provide a copy of the manual showing the DMX charts and any other relevant information that would be even better as I cannot find anything online and it looks like we did not have much information when it was originally created (for example there are no ranges on most of the functions, in particular colour and gobo). If you can please send to <fixturesupport> at <avolites> dot <com> and I will use it when updating (photos of a paper manual are acceptable but in this case please try to attach in a zip archive).

Note that if find any problems with other personalities in the future you can submit bug reports via the Avolites personality library website.

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