Audio Trigger in Titan Mobile

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Audio Trigger in Titan Mobile

Postby Inception » 30 Mar 2018, 11:12

I was planning to setup audio trigger for Titan Mobile using a Raspiberry Pi. I can connect a USB out to a raspi and do the needful manipulation for levels. How do I go further on and how do I connect it to my DMX512 ?
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Re: Audio Trigger in Titan Mobile

Postby yyy898 » 31 Mar 2018, 07:42

that would require hacking of the titan mobile and it would be verry hard.
what you can do is put the raspberry pi in a network with a laptop running the titan mobile.
titan mobile has a thing called webapi where you can control faders via webapi commands.
the raspberry pi can send out these webapi commands to control the titan mobile

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