Adding a self-made fixture in the visualizer

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Adding a self-made fixture in the visualizer

Postby chien0721 » 15 Mar 2018, 04:44

1. I recently used a fan-shaped fixture in a venue. It's a moving head and sort like two fixtures combined with two tilt attributes which controls each little fixtures, and there is only one dimmer value attribute and pan attributes. Obviously, I am not aware of its name and it's made by china manufacturer. The manufacturer created its own personality which allows me to control. However, there is no model in the visualizer, so I wouldn't be able to program it back home. I am wondering if it's possible to create a model on your own to see the simulation in the visualizer or it's just too hard to do so?

2. I have another fixture which is a 6ch LED par with dimmer, RGBW, shutter. Since there is no fixture model in the visualizer, I substituted with PAR 64 Short LED (6DMX) which allow to see the simulation. After finishing programming back home, I connected my titan one dongle with venue's DMX line. When I ran the show, LED par came out with wrong color like red become blue, etc. I came up with an idea by editing PAR 64 Short LED personality, but not sure whether it will mess up whole thing or not. Furthermore, will it also correct the output color in the visualizer? Well, another thing is I don't know how to do it. I would like to know how to do it, and if there is another solution to this problem, I am eager to hear.

3. Can I add a bulb or musician 3D model in the Titan built-in Capture visualizer?

4. What's the difference between legacy visualizer and Capture visualizer? I mean I can tell the difference by using it, but I don't know why do people need legacy visualizer when there is capture visualizer, not to mention these two visualizer are not sync together. Perhaps there are some function I don't know?

I am sorry for lots of questions at the same time, but would be really to find out the answers.
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Re: Adding a self-made fixture in the visualizer

Postby niclights » 15 Mar 2018, 10:20

1. No, unfortunately it is not currently possible to create your own Capture files. Capture files can only be created for personalities in the Avolites library on request. If there is currently no personality in the library one can be requested at the same time. Unfortunately it is not possible to add custom personality files to the library or use them to create new personalities or Capture files. For the personality we need documentation containing full channel mapping information. To create accurate Capture simulation we also need details such as physical drawings/dimensions, photometric data (ie. lamp source/power/colour temperature, beam angles/zoom range etc.) and, where applicable, high quality gobo images, pan/tilt calibration, blade calibration, pixel layout etc. You can submit new personality requests via the form on the website here. For Capture files you need to select 'Capture Visualiser (.c2o)' from the Desk Type options. When submitting the request please either attach (or provide direct links to) suitable documentation. Note that the form only permits one attachment no larger than 3MB per request and must be either .pdf or .zip format. See here for more information on the requirements for Capture Visualiser files.

2. If the channel count, attributes and functions were all the same but there was just a difference in channel mapping one solution would be to edit the channel assignment in Personality Builder. In Titan go to PATCH/[Edit Fixtures]/[Edit Personality]/[<fixture>] which will open the file in Personality Builder. In Personality Builder expand the 'Modes' section in the tree on the left-hand side and select the mode you want to adjust. Then select the [Channels] tab at the bottom of the screen to open the Channel Assignment grid. Click in the Channel Offset cell for the attribute you want to change, delete the existing value and enter the new one. Repeat this for the attributes you need to change (there should be no duplicates when you are finished) and then go to the File menu and select 'Save'. Now Titan will prompt if you would like to apply the saved changes to the show file. Select [Yes] and then close Personality Builder. If the channel count is different or there are more significant differences then you could exchange it to the correct personality (assuming you have one). To change the Capture file you would need to submit a request (probably along with a new personality file) as above.

3. No, unfortunatey not, sorry. You can load theatres containing these items created with the full version of Capture though.

4. The Legacy Visualiser is the one that came before Capture. I don't know what you mean by 'not sync' but this is mainly just for compatibility if someone is still using an old theatre.
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Re: Adding a self-made fixture in the visualizer

Postby Wayneskie » 15 Mar 2018, 12:50

In answer to your question 3, I have created my own custom stage in Capture Visualizer. I have added several coloured boxes (small risers if you like) on the stage to give me some points to hit with moving lights. This greatly helps my progress whilst learning Titan.

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