Resolume Arena 6

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Resolume Arena 6

Postby Miller » 14 Feb 2018, 01:18

We just picked up Resolume Arena 6 and wanted to try linking it to our Titan one. The only personalities I've found are Avenue 3, Arena 4 and 5. Is there a personalty for Arena 6? Watched the Avolite Video on "How to connect Resolume to Titan" and it showed using an Arena 5 personalty. Will the Arena 5 personalities work with Arena 6?
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Re: Resolume Arena 6

Postby niclights » 14 Feb 2018, 09:31

I searched through the Resolume website and Arena 6 manual recently and, as far as I can determine, the DMX mapping is fully customisable with no standard charts. If that is the case then unfortunately it will not be possible to create a personality but, if the controls and functions are the same then perhaps you could map the attributes within Resolume to match the Arena 5 personality and use that. If there is a standard DMX mapping then please submit a personality request via the form on the website here and attach (or provide direct links to) suitable documentation. Note that when attaching documents to the form on the website only one is permitted per request and it must be .pdf or .zip format, no larger than 3MB.

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