Pan/tilt on separate faders (follow spot)

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Andy Bragg
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Pan/tilt on separate faders (follow spot)

Postby Andy Bragg » 13 Feb 2018, 23:37

I have a simple Text Talk style presentation and would like to use my spot as a follow spot (if possible).

I want to put intensity, pan and tilt on separate faders. Is this possible to do without programming an initial starting point?
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The eManual
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Re: Pan/tilt on separate faders (follow spot)

Postby niclights » 13 Feb 2018, 23:52

Yes. Ensure only one of the controls is in the programmer and record to a playback fader using 'record by channel' mode then set the pan and tilt playbacks to mode 2.

For example, clear, select fixture, set pan to 100%, record by channel to playback, clear, select fixture, set tilt to 100%, record by channel to playback 2, clear, select fixture, set dimmer to 100%, record by channel to playback 3. [Edit Times], <select playback 1> toggle [Mode 2], repeat for playback 2. Finally set pan and tilt to 0%.

Now playback 1 and 2 will fade pan and tilt respectively from the current level (0%) to 100% proportional to the fader level. Playback 3 will fade intensity from 0 to 100% proportional to fader level.

This is notoriously difficult to do. You might find it beneficial to limit the range by recording the maximum value required (rather than 100%) and similarly setting the origin to the lowest required (rather than 0%). To stand a chance I would recommend trying to rig the fixture as far away from the stage as is practically possible. That way you should need very little tilt movement. In contrast if the fixture is rigged close to the downstage edge so that it is almost vertical, transitioning from DSR to DSL through DSC will be very tricky. In this case it might help to rig the fixture on its side if you have the option. Good luck!

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