Pearl Expert "Pro upgrade" and roller issue

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Pearl Expert "Pro upgrade" and roller issue

Postby Brauntex » 12 Feb 2018, 21:47

We are having a strange problem with the left roller on our Pearl Expert. The roller moves through the layers until "position G" and display says "J'". Anything written to this layer shows up in the actual "J" location as well and vice versa. All other layers are completely functional. Definitely not the hardware switch on the roller as we have tested it and all positions read good during last console clean up. Possibly a counter chip on the fader deck? Any ideas? Also enquiring who to contact regarding the referenced "pro upgrade" for Pearl Expert including upgraded RAM, 40GB SSD, UPS board etc. required to update to current Titan 10 software (the recommendation is for factory certified replacements). We also need a few faders. Is this something that can be done through Avolites U.S., directly with U.K. Office or my Avolites dealer. Also are parts and updates available to a tech savvy end user for field service or only available by authorized service? Just need a name and contact info to move forward on this.

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Re: Pearl Expert "Pro upgrade" and roller issue

Postby Gregory » 23 Feb 2018, 21:13

If you open up the USB Expert Console software in the centre column you should get a read out of the roller position each time it is moved. The value should increment between 1 and 10 corresponding to the letters A through J. If this is not the case then it is probably an issue with the panel hardware.

For upgrades and support you should start by contacting your local distributor, details of all our distributors can be found here.

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