Editing a Cue or Cue list

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Editing a Cue or Cue list

Postby DaveBatistig » 04 Jan 2018, 19:46

When setting up our New Year's Eve show, I needed to go in and edit a couple cues in a cue list to make some minor changes to position of some movers. I can't figure a way to go into a cue and, using the wheels, change a mover's position, and then save that cue. The edit list gives me "degrees" of where the mover is, then I had to fiddle around with different numbers trying to get the movers where I wanted them. I eventually gave up, erased the cue list and started over.

WHat am I missing on editing cues and/or cue lists?

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Re: Editing a Cue or Cue list

Postby niclights » 04 Jan 2018, 21:45

There are a number of ways of doing this.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the 'edit list' and usually pan/tilt values are displayed in percent although it's entirely possible there are some fixtures in the library that are in degrees. But usually the way I would do this is to place the new values in the programmer by selecting the fixtures and adjusting the values by wheel and then merge these into the cue.

For a stand-alone (ie. non-cue list) playback you can do this by pressing RECORD and then double-tapping the playback (the second tap is a shortcut to merge).

For cue lists if the cue you want to update is currently active I think the fastest way is to press RECORD then double-tap the CUE button (the first press of CUE selects the current cue for update and the second press shortcuts to merge).

If the cue list is not active you can do this by pressing RECORD, then select the playback, input the cue number you want to update then select [Update] followed by [Merge].

In both cases note that by default it will track forward from the selected cue. You can change this by toggling the tracking mode softkey before merging. For example if you were in the middle of a number of cues that all used the same position that you need to update then you would want to set the tracking mode to 'Both' instead.

Depending on the complexity of the show you may find it is faster to build your cues from palettes and then update the palettes instead. In this case you would merge the new values into the palette which, in-turn, would update any related fixtures/controls in cues that reference them.

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