fixture exchange

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fixture exchange

Postby oliverst14 » 20 Oct 2017, 22:30

hi guys.

i have a quick question i think i know the answer too but just wanna run it past you guys.

So im pre programming a show using the titan one dongle at home as we need some timecode shows making for a dj intro, iv had to create a file for some fixtures that dont have a capture file for them which works great however because i dont have the capture files i cant pre programme the show. Im also using some clay paky sharpies in the show which does have a capture file and can be preprogrammed.

what im thinking of doing is instead of patching the 8 x artfox 15r movers into the program along with the 8 x clay paky sharpies if i just patch in 16 sharpies and then fixture exchange in the artfox movers plus the 8 artfox movers i should be able to programme the show.

would this work or am i thinking way off kilter?
i suspect i may have problems so if this would not work does anyone have a better way of doing this

i have already created the palletes for the artfox fixtures so programming will be using the correct palletes

thanks in advance
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Re: fixture exchange

Postby kimwida » 21 Oct 2017, 16:39

I think that will work if you do correct "exchange mapping" from clay sharpy to artfox 15r.
But usually some of color or gobos wheels are not matched.
And you need to match many other things in exchange mapping.
Many times, the exchange mapping gave me frustrating at the final moment.
It's better than nothing, but pretty soon you will feel something lacking or frustrated.
I recommend you to find right capture file.
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Re: fixture exchange

Postby icke_siegen » 21 Oct 2017, 20:22

Essentially Kimwida is right. However, I have done likewise a few times - I didn't care about exchange mapping but adjusted the palettes after exchanging. Only make sure when preprogramming that you use mockup fixtures which come close to the ones you'll finally be using (colour mixing vs. fixed colours, number of gobo wheels etc.). And: either make bloody sure you always use the correct palette type (G/S/N), or make sure that you won't end up with both fixtures in your live rig.

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