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LD GianfrancoPeru
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Fixture Exchange

Postby LD GianfrancoPeru » 05 Apr 2013, 04:07

Hi guys
i have one Tiger touch and i need to exchange some fixtures.
i have found the way to do it but for some reason nothing work propertly on Stage.

i have chage some Mac 700 wash for Vari*lites Vl3500 wash. i follow the step. got successfully the new fixtures on the view. i have re-patch the fixtures but .. nothing.
i have check my patch by doing a new show and everything goes OK.
do i´m missing some in the steps of Exchange fixtures??
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Re: Fixture Exchange

Postby niclights » 05 Apr 2013, 18:21

I did a quick test using visualiser and could not find a problem. Normally to exchange the process is as simple as patch/choose fixture/select existing handle and [exchange]. It may be necessary to park the original fixtures to avoid address conflicts but that's essentially it.

My test steps were as follows:

- New show
- Patch 1x Martin Mac 700 Wash, 16ex, 23 DMX to DMX 001 to an Expert preset handle
- Select fixture and locate
- Record a dimmer cue, an open and closed palette, some CMY palettes and some position palettes (to check how well functions convert)
- Patch 1x Varilite VL3500 Wash, 19 DMX, 16bit, address 001 selecting the same handle that contains the Mac 700 Wash
- [Exchange]
- Test intensity cue and all the palettes

I found the fixture exchanged as expected, the intenstiy cue and all the palettes looked the same and all the functions were available.

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