ledwall colors on movingheads

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ledwall colors on movingheads

Postby ahdeniet » 20 Feb 2013, 14:21


i was wondering if its possible to copy the video signal of any ledscreen into the console (tiger touch) and let the colors of the fixtures (mac250 beam)
sync automaticly with the main color of the ledscreens.
so i only have to take care of position gobo's and intensity/shutter and the show is like one complete thing.

can i do this without any extra hardware or is there any hardware i need to make this work.
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Postby icke_siegen » 20 Feb 2013, 15:50

Short answer: no, that's not possible with Avolites consoles, as they are right now.

Some starting points for a solution:
- you would need some other pixelmapping approach than the consoles provide right now, converting video colours to DMX values. Decent media servers are capable of this, e.g. Madrix, ArKaos, or AI
- next, you need to merge all other data into the colour DMX stream (or vice versa). Either the media server of your choice is capable of this, or you need a decent DMX/Art-Net merger. E.g. Luminex
- and finally, expect some effort to adjust everything. One issue might be Gamma settings of your LED wall, another the fact, that essentially you might want to use the colour median of a larger area for each single fixture. Both should be accounted for in the media server - but mileage may vary...

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