Sunstrip active pearl tiger

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Sunstrip active pearl tiger

Postby Will » 30 Aug 2012, 11:35

I'm running a show with a pearl tiger and have 12 sunstrip active independently patched as fixtures 10dmx. I am not able to find a shape generator that works. Do I need to create different chases myself or is there a easier way?
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Postby niclights » 30 Aug 2012, 12:02

Technically it can be done using a combination of custom personality and custom shapefile, but this is quite fiddly, advanced and the spread would be fixed to any given shape.

Patching separate dimmers would give you standard shapes but obviously that is a lot of handles and will also create its own issues.

Therefore it is probably easiest to create chases in this case.
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Postby Will » 31 Aug 2012, 00:41

Thanks Nic,
have a solution that should work great. The organizers are going to bring in a Tiger touch instead.
Thanks for your reply

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