AVO on ETC Net 3 System

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AVO on ETC Net 3 System

Postby Andykrehbiel » 03 Jul 2012, 01:34

One of the venues I work in has an ETC Net3 system in the venue, I was wondering if it is possible for AVO to communicate with the ETC system through ACN or Art-Net or some other way. Is anyone else having this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Postby icke_siegen » 03 Jul 2012, 07:18

I had brief glance at the online spec. ETC mentions only ACN and DMX, but no Art-Net - where the Titan desks 'speak' Art-Net and DMX. If the ETC boxes can handle Art-Net, it should be possible to use them as output devices for Titan desks. If not, I don't see a sensible way of integration (except from triggering via DMX, that is).

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