"OFF" function on Titan Consoles

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"OFF" function on Titan Consoles

Postby pixantz » 05 Apr 2012, 15:57

Is there a way to get the same effect from the 'OFF' button like on the good ol' Classic version?? I have noticed that if I 'OFF' some fixtures in my cue, make a copy of the cue and then turn that copy into a mode 2, the 'OFF' fixtures are on again in the copied cue! Am I missing something out here or is it a bug?
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Postby niclights » 05 Apr 2012, 17:38

That depends...

When you turn off a fixture it turns off all attributes of that fixture. However, it does not remove the fixture completely from the cue.

This is not necessarily wrong but it is understood that there needs to be a solution. One workaround is to use advanced include, include only the required fixtures and then replace the cue.

The main problem with 'empty' fixtures in a cue is with functions that rely on fixture order (ie. shapes, fixture overlap etc.). While this can also be overcome by editing the fixture order if you are unaware of the cause/effect then the result will just seem strange.

As far as I can see there is no problem with copying cues with attributes turned off.

What is it you are trying to achieve?

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