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Remote focus

Posted: 31 Aug 2011, 00:23
by lighttch
Just started working with a Pearl Expert Titan. Just wondering if there was a way to use my iPad as a remote focus unit of if there is an app in the works? And before anyone suggests, no I don't have a tablet pc and carrying a standard pc around the stage is not an option.


Posted: 31 Aug 2011, 07:07
by icke_siegen
The integrated Titan remote works out of the box with a sinple webserver, thus no separate app needed. However, as for v.4 (and I fear v5 doesn't change this) it doesn't really work, and I think Ollie stated somewhere else the remote will be fixed, but not as soon as one would wish. I am greatly looking forward to PLASA - let's see what the next developments will bring.

For the moment, and if you're really wanting it, you might try to get VNC (or a similar remote desktop solution) running, provided that you get a suitable client for the iPhone. Know that installing own applications on the desk is absolutely NOT suggested by Avolites - but I've heard of several people who use this; and there are VNC clones which run without any installation or system change, hence I'd deem it pretty safe.

- your mileage will vary
- try it at home first, remote your PC, before hacking your desk
- privately, I have my doubts whether a remote desktop solution is usable on the iPhone
- and, well, finally: VNC is absolutely not Avolites. The Avolites answer will be: no remote for the moment...