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by JFuste
23 Jan 2019, 21:28
Forum: Avolites Consoles
Topic: Using Titan mobile as wing with Quartz
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Re: Using Titan mobile as wing with Quartz

If you have a quartz and a pc with titan mobile you can create a multiuser session.
by JFuste
06 Oct 2018, 20:20
Forum: Avolites Consoles
Topic: Avolites mobile and quartz
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Re: Avolites mobile and quartz

If you buy a titan mobile you can use it standalone or with multi user session networking with quartz.
by JFuste
05 Jun 2018, 23:56
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: dim T5 UV Tube
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Re: dim T5 UV Tube

Maybe it works but it’s not the best solution.
The best way is a dmx relay