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by JT
23 Nov 2011, 22:15
Forum: Avolites Consoles
Topic: more and more costly Time Settings in Titan V5
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A Highlight Function for unpatched Adress in Patch Menu like this: Wheel A = Adress 1 to 512, Wheel B = Test Level 0 to 100 %, Wheel C = Universe 1 to 12 

Me too... that now makes it 4! I also agree with all the other suggestions too.
by JT
23 Nov 2011, 21:55
Forum: Avolites Consoles
Topic: Flash Problem with Titan V5
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I am also experiencing this problem. Are there any ideas on the time scale were looking at for the issue to be resolved?? Admittedly, I'm very much enjoying the use of all the new elements in V5, but the 'flash times' functionality I do rely on quite heavily.