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by Lekolite
30 Nov 2006, 07:34
Forum: Avolites Consoles
Topic: My first 2 days on a Pearl. Any advice?
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Its easier if i had a console sitting in front of me, but PM me a phone # and we'll talk.
by Lekolite
05 Aug 2006, 23:51
Forum: Avolites Consoles
Topic: Console purchase
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Console purchase

Where can i find used pearls and sapphires for sell.

Interested in maybe a purchase of one and eventually both models
by Lekolite
28 Mar 2005, 04:23
Forum: Welcome
Topic: Welcome
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NICE! An avolite forum.

Avolite consoles have long been my favorite. It will be nice to come here
to share information as well as learn somethings. Thank you.